Thyroid Solutions

Years and years of pill subscriptions from doctors has been the industry standard to combat thyroid problems, leaving patients wondering if there’s a better option.

At KC Thyroid Solutions, we understand that in order to combat thyroid problems, we must first identify what is causing them, and then provide a step-by-step plan that combats the issue best. It’s our knowledge that better results can be achieved through unique eating habits, personalized exercise programs, and proper supplementation, rather than just standard prescription drugs.

Our three-step process will give you all of the information and support you need to combat your thyroid issues, and be on your way to a happy, healthier life.

The Three-Step Process



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Identify the personal reasons to why you are dealing with the symptoms and side effects you are.



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At KC Thyroid, we use our broad range of lab testing to find out exactly why your thyroid isn’t responding properly. It’s our experience that data backed identification of the problem provides both ourselves, and the patient, with the best option and mindset going forward.


Develop Solution

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Provide scientifically backed solutions to combat the identified problems.

Experience the KC Thyroid Solutions Difference


  1. bullet-kc-thyroid Process

    The most important step of the process; getting our patient back to living happier lives, free of the stress of unsolved thyroid issues.

  2. bullet-kc-thyroid Identify

    It is our expertise that allows us to approach each individual case, knowing that there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution to thyroid problems. Once we have specifically identified the source of the problem, we work together with our patients to make achievable adaptations to their everyday life style. From simple eating habit adjustments, to functional supplementation suggestions, we can combat the issues in ways the patients haven’t before.

  3. bullet-kc-thyroid Plan

    Once we have identified your daily process to combat your thyroid issue going forward, its time to let the stress leave your body, and look forward to the future of your life. At KC Thyroid, we use our years of experience and expertise, to completely individualize our patient’s plans, but always with one end goal in mind, happier, healthier lives.