What is TSH? How does it relate to low thyroid?

What is TSH and how does it relate to low thyroid?

TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone. It’s one of the most common things tested when looking for hypothyroid. By itself it can’t tell you what’s going wrong with the thyroid, but that’s what is used in order to check your medications.

If your thyroid stimulating hormone goes up then you have low thyroid function. If your thyroid stimulating hormone goes down, you have high thyroid function. It is used to monitor your medications.

There are many other things to it. Your thyroid stimulating hormone stimulates your thyroid to produce inactive thyroid hormone. Inactive thyroid hormone goes down to your liver to be converted to active thyroid hormone. Then it can be pushed out to your gut to become free thyroid hormone. You have to check a lot of things to figure out what the real root cause is.

– Dr. Goodbinder


Dr. Goodbinder

Jay Goodbinder PSc. D is a doctor in Overland Park, KS who serves patients in surrounding Kansas City areas, cities across the United States, and in several countries around the world.

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