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Welcome to KC Thyroid Solutions

Identify the Problem

Thyroid treatment isn’t just a service we offer, it’s an expertise and passion of ours. Common side effects our patients deal with, such as lack of energy, dry, brittle skin, and weight management problems, can all be caused by an improperly responding thyroid. Traditional methods are a thing of the past, and at KC Thyroid, we test, not guess. It is on this core value that Dr. Jay Goodbinder has built his foundation, and established his system for successful patient relationships. At your first visit, to KC Thyroid Solutions, Dr. Goodbinder will explain the science behind your condition, how functional medicine and epigenetics works, and an in-depth analysis of the test results, to make sure the epigenetics is a proper fit for you.

Address Solutions

When our patients and Dr. Goodbinder decide Epigentics is the right step to combat their thyroid problems, a cutting edge plan of natural therapies is prescribed to get results in a timely manner. Combating the one-size-fits-all treatment methods that are a thing of the past, KC Thyroid prescribes only condition and health specific therapies to improve your thyroid issues. As the therapies take their course, our patient’s have seen results that simply weren’t produced by their prescription drugs. Say goodbye to the side effects and poor results of timed out prescription drugs, and come see Dr. Goodbinder for an initial examination. Do something today that your future self will thank you for, and visit us at KC Thyroid Solutions.